Judy S. Mock. Esq.

Judy_MockJudy S. Mock is Of Counsel to Roger Victor. Archibald, PLLC, and focuses her practice on representing clients in all aspects of Guardianship proceedings pursuant to the Mental Hygiene Law, Article 81, including serving as Petitioner’s Counsel to the incapacitated persons, representing Guardians (post-hearing), and Counsel for Final Reviews.

In addition, Ms. Mock represents clients in criminal cases, on both felony and misdemeanors levels.

Prior to joining the Firm, Ms. Mock served as court liaison for New York City TASC., where she worked with all parties involved with Criminal Justice System, including the Courts, District Attorney Office, Defense Counsels, Probation and Parole, assisting the Courts to dispose of criminal matters; assessment of criminal defendants to verify eligibility for alternatives to incarceration programs, and daily court appearances to provide status reports to the Court.

Also, assisting Mentally ILL Chemical Abusers (“MICA”) defendants involved in the Criminal Justice System.

Ms. Mock earned her J.D. degree from the New York Law School in 1999.  She also Received Article 81 Certified Training Course Certificate (2001) provided by the Association of The Bar of City of New York.